Many clear aligner accessories!!
Try the Smile Shapers Aligner System
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20 for $8.00
Great for seating retainer trays
Choose- Mint, Unflavored or Bubble Gum

Wax Packs
Price: $25.00
Interproximal Brushes
Price: $16.00
50 brushes/$16.00
5 mixed colors
ACTIVE Ortho Gum

Single pack of 20-$9.99
Boxes of 15 packs of 20 each, $149.85
Fresh Mint Flavor
Chewie replacement
Reduces pain from tooth movement
Recommended for seating aligners
Recommended for traditional bracket braces

Elastic Placers 10/pk

Elastic Placers
Bags of 10
4 colors
double ended

Smile Shapers Aligner System
Price: $1,195.00
Smile Shapers is an Unparalled Aligner System
Beautiful Smile in 12 weeks
High Precision with DLS Carbon Crafting
Made with the top 3-ply Zendura-Flex
Send scans and recieve 3-D automation and more...
Call or email questions
Arch Wire Markers
Price: $13.50
Single Use
Fire Red color