Orthodontic Pliers, Specialty Pliers
Top quality pliers offered, hardened carbide inserts for long life. 
Heat steralize only, no overnight soak over.


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Zero-Bend Crimping Plier
(2 reviews)
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Best crimping plier for all needs!
Will not create "V" bend in wire.
Always heat steralize your pliers
for long wear.
Speedy Elastomeric Plier
$83.00 each or 2/$160.00
Fast, simple elastomeric ligating
Reinforced tips for long life
Heat steralize only, no harsh solutions
Composite Removing Plier
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Saftey is #1, no aerosols created
using these pliers.
Reinforced sharp edge with tip.
New tips avialable, please call.
Heat steralize only, no harsh chemical soak.
Bracket/Adhesive Removing Pliers
$83 each or 2/$160.00
Safty #1, no aerosols created when using
any of our pliers. Stay Covid safe.
Reinforced sharp edge tip.
New tips,no problem, call to place order.



ORG Bracket/Adhesive Removing Plier
$83.00 each or 2/$160.00
Double sharp reinforced edge tips
Great for aerosol free debonding
Heat steralize only for long life


Arch Wire Rack With Cover
10 SLOT/$70.00 OR 12 SLOT $78.00
Hard Thick Acrylic
Pentagon Shaped
Strong Hinges
Plier Racks
Short Handle Plier Rack -Stainless Steel
Long or Short Handle Rack -Acrylic